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   Marriage is Tough

" Gorges has an improvisational background, and he uses it to interact with the audience during his fast-paced set. His rapid-fire premises leaves audiences laughing, and the comedian out of breath by the time his show ends. " 
Creative Loafing
​Published Jul 31, 2014
" The headliner, Chris Gorges, had no trouble racking up the laughs either, with a lady in the front row actually falling completely out of her seat at one point. I figure I got a good $10 worth of laughs during the show, easy. " 
By Justin Grant
​Times correspondent
Published: November 14, 2013
Comedian Chris Gorges
" Headliner Chris Gorges thereafter took the stage for nearly an hour. In addition to uproarious takes on children, marriage and other topics, Gorges displayed boundless improvisational talent by kibitzing and interacting with the audience. His routines, quips and comebacks evoked such laughter that it was all I could do to keep from spewing mouthfuls of chicken and blue cheese. " 
By Doug Kelly
Gazette correspondent
​Published: December 18, 2014